Đề cương Tiếng Anh 10 HK1 Global Success

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Question 1: A. rural             B. surprise                         C. successful                     D. volunteer

Question 2: A. application   B. benefit                           C. non-profit                     D. narrow-minded

Question 3: A. reference     B. remote                           C. reaction                         D. creation

Question 4: A. area              B. market                           C. martyr                           D. archaeology

Question 5: A. dedicated     B. demonstrate                  C. development                 D. delicate

Question 6:  A. banned          B. cleared                          C. kissed                           D. raised

Question 7:  A. recognised    B. stringed                        C. conquered                     D. watched

Question 8:  A. liked             B. backed                          C. encouraged                   D. reversed

Question 9:  A. benefit          B. generous                       C. inventor                                    D. video

Question 10: A. fabric           B. iminate                         C. laptop                           D. patent

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress in each of the following questions.

Question 1: A. ensuring        B. protecting                     C. providing                      D. widening

Question 2: A. donate           B. apply                             C. provide                         D. study

Question 3: A. successful     B. announcement              C. ignorant                        D. experience

Question 4: A. environment B. advertisement               C. unfortunate                   D. disadvantaged

Question 5: A. dedicate        B. fortunate                       C. practical                        D. volunteer

Question 6: A. ensuring        B. protecting                     C. providing                      D. widening

Question 7: A. donate           B. apply                             C. provide                         D. study

Question 8: A. successful     B. announcement              C. ignorant                        D. experience

Question 9: A. ensuring        B. advertisement               C. unfortunate                   D. practical

Question 10: A. credit card   B. football match              C. living room                   D. swimming pool


Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: We_________old clothes and books to poor children.

     A. interacted                      B. donated                         C. balanced                       D. applied

Question 2: We arrived at the hotel quite early, ____ in and had lunch.

     A. checking                       B. checked                         C. was checking                D. to check

Question 3: He is very ___________. He is always willing to give a lot of money to charity.

     A. honest                           B. generous                       C. enthusiastic                   D. modest

Question 4: If you can do something to help others, you will find your life ____.

     A. meaningful                   B. meaningless                  C. helpless                         D. interested

Question 5: The school is difficult to get to because it is located in a __________area.

     A. remote                           B. cheerful                         C. confused                       D. practical

Question 6: If you don’t have time to volunteer, you can__________ money and food.

     A. participate                     B. boost                             C. donate                           D. deliver

Question 7: These ____ children encounter many problems and really need our help.

     A. disadvantaged               B. advantaged                   C. disadvantage                 D. advantage

Question 8: This clean water project will ______________the people in the village.

     A. benefit                           B. donate                           C. raise                              D. volunteer

Question 9: Our club needs more_______ to clean up the park at the weekend.

     A. spectators                      B. assistants                       C. volunteers                     D. electrician

Question 10: We need to be ___________ when we record the donations.

     A. careful                           B. careless                         C. carelessly                      D. carefully

Question 11. We’re best friends as we have a ____ interest in music.

            A. passion                   B. passionately            C. passionless             D. passionate

Question 12. My teacher assigned us a writing task about ____ of our favorite singers.

            A. biology                   B. biography               C. biodiversity            D. biochemist

Question 13. We find out that beat box has ____ very popular recently.

            A. came                       B. turned                     C. become                   D. became

Question 14. Lina, the ____ album of the new music band in our city, will be uploaded on the website next week. I’m looking forward to listening to it.

            A. debut                      B. only                        C. best-selling             D. individual

Question 15. The ____ cheered loudly when the singers came out on the stage.

            A. audience                 B. spectator                 C. public                     D. watcher

Question 16. Our performance was ____ to be the best one in this competition last night.

            A. cheered                   B. appeared                 C. judged                    D. seen

Question 17. The local celebrities joined hands to ____ a fund-raising campaign for charity.

            A. solve                       B. conserve                 C. come up                  D. launch

Question 18. Smartphone can be a great learning ____ but you need to think of how to use it effectively.

            A. benefit                    B. choice                     C. invention                D. tool

Question 19. It is convenient for you to read ____ when you travel.

            A. e-books                  B. laptops                    C. online game            D. smartphones

Question 20. Many young people carry a pair of earbuds as they are small, light, and ____.

            A. chargeable              B. economical             C. portable                  D. transferable

Question 21. Washing machine or vacuum cleaner can help you to ____ time while doing housework.

            A. kill                          B. save                         C. spend                      D. waste

Question 22: I am _________ in community development activities.

     A. interested                      B. interesting                     C. excited                          D. exciting

Question 23: There are ________________ volunteering opportunities in our community.

     A. excite                            B. excitedly                       C. excited                          D. exciting

Question 24: Last year, I was _____________at maths. I couldn’t even do simple addition in my head.

     A. hope                              B. hopeful                          C. hopefully                      D. hopeless

Question 25: Luckily, I got some ____ advice on how to make a presentation on ‘For a better community’ from my class teacher.        A. useless       B. useful                                 C. usefulness                     D. uselessness

Question 26: He spent his childhood in _______________ parts of Italy.

     A. various                          B. vary                               C. variously                       D. variety

Question 27: Volunteers become well ____ of the problems facing the world.

     A. aware                            B. concerned                     C. helpful                          D. interested

Question 28: Both community __ and volunteerism are an investment in our community and the people who live in it.

     A. life                                B. language                       C. performance                 D. service

Question 29: We hope that students themselves will enjoy taking part ______ the projects.

     A. in                                   B. on                                  C. at                                   D. for

Question 30: Many international volunteer organizations are trying to find a ____ to the problem of world hunger.      A. way  B. method       C. suggestion                              D. solution

Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Question 1:   Becoming a super star performing on stage was my burning desire when I was a teenager.

            A. well-known painter            B. famous singer         C. good writer             D. famous composer

Question 2:   But for your support, our band couldn’t have won the Grand Music competition.

            A. show                       B. quiz                        C. contest                    D. tour

Question 3:  41. I got the teaching job in the Happy Child Charity Centre just by chance.

A. accidentally   B. purposefully C. easily                        D. immediately

Question 4:Every month, the volunteer group go to remote and mountainous areas to help those in need.

A. empty                       B. faraway                    C. crowded                   D. poor

Question 5:  43. Mother Teresa devoted herself to caring for the sick and the poor.

A. spent                        B. contributed               C. gave up                     D. dedicated

Question 6:  45. Young people are now getting more and more concerned about environmental problems.

A. worried                    B. nervous                    C. hopeless                   D. uneasy

Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Question 1:   It’s incredible that his new song leads the Billboard hot 100 chart only in 3 days.

            A. beyond belief         B. believable               C. implausible             D. unbelievable

Question 2:   After a very short time, this kind of music becomes wildly popular among the youth.

            A. appealing                B. attractive                C. unknown                D. common

Question 3:   We absolutely adore his music because of sweet melodies and meaningful lyrics.

            A. favour                     B. hate                         C. love                        D. prefer

Question 4:  46. Many people who do volunteer work think they are more fortunate than others.

A. lucky            B. blessed                     C. unlucky                     D. uncomfortable

Question 5:  47. Public service announcement is a special advertisement for the community, normally about health or safety matters.

A. Open                        B. Private                      C. Secret                       D. Popular

Question 6:  48. Economically disadvantaged students often drop out of school, choosing a low- paying job to earn money.

A. leave            B. attend                      C. accept                      D. reject

GRAMMAR:  Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 1: Tom said that he could ____ me with this assignment.

            A. helped                    B. helping                   C. to help                    D. help

Question 2: John made me ____ a lot with his hilarious jokes.

            A. laughing                 B. to laugh                  C. laugh                      D. laughed

Question 3: I’d like ____ all of you to enjoy my party on this Friday.

            A. to invite                  B. inviting                   C. invite                      D. not invite

Question 4: We expect Linh ____ to the airport late as the plane will take off in 15 minutes.

            A. to come                  B. not to come            C. not coming             D. coming

Question 5: I’m happy ____ that you’ve passed your driving test. Congratulations!

            A. not hearing             B. hear                        C. hearing                   D. to hear

Question 6: My mother said that she would rather ____ to Hoi An than Nha Trang.

            A. to travel                  B. travelling                C. not to travel                        D. travel

Question 7:. I allow my little daughter ____ with her friends in the flower garden.

            A. not to play              B. to play                    C. playing                   D. play

Question 8: You’d better ____ out with your friends as it is very dangerous in the evening.

            A. went                       B. go                           C. going                      D. to go

Question 9: My family really loves Japanese food, ____ we order it twice a week.

            A. yet                          B. so                            C. but                          D. nor

Question 10:. We were lost in the forest, ____ luckily my friend had a map in his backpack.

            A. and                         B. so                            C. for                           D. but

Question 11: Would you like a cup of milk tea ____ a cup of hot chocolate after dinner?

            A. and                         B. or                            C. yet                          D. so

Question 12: Anna thinks she ought to go to the university, ____ she wants to get qualifications for her dream job.

            A. and                         B. yet                          C. for                           D. so

Question 13: I ____ this washing machine for five years now. It looks old, but it still works well.

A. have                        B. had                          C. is having                             D. have had

Question 14: She ____ volleyball at high school but she didn’t like it.

            A. has played              B. played                     C. was playing                        D. has been playing

Question 15: The first actual robot ____ invented in 1961.

A. was                         B. has been                 C. used to                                D. were

Question 16: Where do you live? – I ____ in Boston. I ____ there for ten years now.

A. live – have lived     B. live – am living      C. have lived – live                 D. live – live

Question 17: Until now, the disease ____ over thirty thousand people worldwide.

A. has killed                B. killed                      C. kills                                    D. is killing

Question 18: Liverpool football club ____ 18 Premier League titles so far.

A. won                        B. used to win                         C. win                         D. has won

Question 19: ____ you ____ the shoplifter to the police yet?

A. Do – report             B. Have – reported                  C. Are – reporting                   D. When – reported

Question 20: While Lan ____________ as a volunteer in the countryside, she met an old friend.

     A. was working                 B. worked                          C. had worked                   D. worked

Question 21: Last Sunday, our volunteer team ____ a lot of food packages to homeless people in the flood-hit region.   A. were bringing         B. brought                                   C. have brought                 D. had brought

Question 22: I ____ near the fence when suddenly I ____ the voices.

     A. stood – heard   B. stood – was hearing  C. was standing – heard       D. was standing – was hearing golf.

Question 23: I ____ my report when my boss ____ the hall.

     A. made – was entering     B. made – entered   C. was making – was entering     D. was making – entered

Question 24: Jim ____ his leg when he ____ golf.

     A. broke – was playing      B. broke – played   C. was breaking – was playing     D. was breaking – broke

Question 25: While I ____ for him to call up, he ____ a good time in the bar.

     A. waited – was having      B. was waiting – was having      C. was waiting – had  D. was waited – was waiting

Question 26: All the kids ____ their homework when the volunteer team ____.

     A. were doing – arrived     B. did – arrivedC. were doing — were arriving          D. did – were arriving

Question 27: While Lauda ____ round a corner, he suddenly ____ control of his Ferrari.

     A. went – lost    B. was going – was losing                 C. was going – lost                        D. went – was losing

Question 28: When I ____ my best friend, she ____ as a voluntary teacher in Dream Homeless Shelter.

     A. met – was working        B. was meeting – was working     C. met – worked     D. was meeting – worked

Question 29: We ____ in silence when he suddenly ____ me to help him.

     A. were walking – was asking B. were walking – asked C. walked – asked          D. walked – was asking

Question 30: Where ____ you ____ when I ____ you on the bus last night?

     A. did – go – saw    B. were – going – was seeing        C. were – going – saw        D. did – go – was seeing

 Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

Question 1:  I was coming home this morning when I was seeing Kate waiting at the bus stop.

                                    A                                              B                           C       D

Question 2: When he was calling me, I was doing the cooking for dinner.

                         A              B                          C          D

Question 3:  He putted the letter on the table and then he got out to take a taxi.

                                A                       B                                        C                  D

Question 4: The Tesla Coil is used for create extremely powerful electrical fields.

                                    A            B           C                            D

Question 5: Many young people now use computers for playing games rather than study.

                                                A                             B                     C               D

Question 6: You can use a tablet to listening to music, surfing web or chatting with friends.

                                        A               B                 C                     D

Choose the sentence which is closest in meaning with the given one.

Question 1:  1. It took her two hours to do housework yesterday.

A. She spent two hours to doing housework yesterday.               B. It took her two hours doing housework yesterday.

C. She spent two hours doing housework yesterday.                   D. Do housework yesterday took him two hours.

Question 2:  2. The weather is very cold, so they can’t go swimming.

A. The weather is so cold that they can’t go swimming.   B. The weather isn’t cold enough for them to go swimming.

C. The weather is too cold for them going swimming.                 D. It is so a cold weather that they can’t go swimming.

Question 3:  3. My friend is living in Moscow. I received this letter from him.

  A. My friend, whom I received this letter, is living in Moscow. 

  B. My friend, from whom I received this letter, is living in Moscow.

  C. My friend whom I received this letter from is living in Moscow.

  D. My friend, that I received this letter, is living in Moscow.

Question 4:  4. They saw the children play football in the street.

A. The children were being seen to play football in the street. 

B. The children were seen to playing football in the street.

C. The children were seen play football in the street.     

D. The children were seen to play football in the street.

Question 5:  5. I have never been to France before.

A. It’s the first time that I’ve gone to France.                  B. It’s the first time that I went to France.

C. It’s the first time that I’ve been to France.                  D. It’s the first time that I was to France.

 SPEAKING : Mark the letter A. B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges.

Question 1:. “Thank you for your birthday gift, I really like it.” – “____”

A. I’m happy you like it.        B. Of course, it’s valuable.      C. Not at all.               D. It’s nice of you.

Question 2: “My print machine’s run out of paper.’ – “____”

A. You used too much.                                   B. Wait a minute.       

C. I’ll give you a bottle of ink.                       D. I’ll go and get some from the office supply store.

Question 3: “Why don’t you go shopping with me this Sunday?” – “____”

A. OK. I’ll call you soon.                               B. It’s none of your business.

C. Sorry, I have to work overtime.                 D. Not bad.

Question 4: “You’ve already finished the project, haven’t you?” – “____”

A. Yes, this projeet is mine.                           B. Sorry, but I need more time.

C. I’ll arrive here in 5 minutes.                       D. We’ve been given a new project.

Question 5: “What a lovely cat you have!” – “____”

A. That’s a nice cat.                                        B. Thanks. My mom gave it to me last week.

C. Thanks, it’s my pet.                                    D. It’s very naughty.

Question 6: “How frequently do you go to the supermarket?” – “____”                

A. At least once a week.                     B. Yes, it’s important to do it every day.

C. I want to buy some fruits.              D. It takes me 5 minutes.

Question 7: “Hi, you look happy. What’s going on?” – “____”                  

A. Well, I loved running.                    B. I have passed the exam.

C. Take yourself at home.                  D. Oh yes, I enjoyed it very much.

Question 40: “How have you been?” – “____”

A. Take care. Bye bye.                       B. Well, talk to you later.

C. Nice talking to you.                        D. Pretty good. Thanks.

Question 40: “Would you mind turning down the TV please?” – “____”

A. Sure. Here you are.                        B. Sorry. I didn’t know I was disturbing you.

C. What! You must be kidding!         D. No, I don’t like it very mueh.

Question 40: “Do you like playing football?” – “____”

A. That’s interesting.                           B. He’s OK.

C. Yes, I love it.                                  D. Yes, I’d love to.

The end.

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